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Mother and Child Need Our Support!

Crowd holds a banner saying "Refugees welcome"

Beyond Borders is one of the organisations supporting this campaign.

For those new to the campaign - the UK Border Agency forcibly and violently removed a mother and child who were seeking refuge in the UK from severe sexual and physical abuse, on Tuesday 15th September. We believe this was done on grounds that contravene the human and legal rights of both mother and child both of whom are extremely vulnerable. The child who was born in the UK has been taken to a country she has never lived in without being given the malarial treatment she needs, she has been snatched from her home, her school, her friends and the only life she has ever known. Her mother is a victim of rape, trafficking, violent abuse and torture who has scars on her body from the abuse she endured and suffers from PTSD, severe depression and anxiety.

They have been removed to a country where they are at risk of severe harm, further abuse and possible death.

At this crucial time mother and daughter need your continued belief in their fight for justice. Can you give £10 today and share this appeal with ten of your friends and family?